Provision of comparative data and analysis for the school based on the generic school data bank (e.g. providing preInspection data, details of pupils deemed at risk etc)

  • Collection of KS2, KS3 , KS4 and KS5 data on individual pupil level via DEWi (or from the school for KS4 and KS5)
  • Analysis based on attainment in the core subjects – in relation to CYNNAL, authority and school, ac according to groups such as FSM, linguistic and pupils deemed at risk
  • Analysis based on attainment in the optional subjects at KS3 and all subjects at KS4 and KS5
  • Reporting on school quartiles
  • Reporting on KS2-KS3 analyses on the website by the end of the summer term
  • Reporting on KS4 results by the first week in September
  • Responding to requests for analyses based on specific groups across the Key Stages, varying both in specification and timing, e.g.
    • Pupils in Local Authority Care
    • Free School Meals
    • Travellers
    • Additional Learning Needs


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