An essential guide for any secondary school pupil looking for help with their Welsh literacy. With colourful and clear animations explaining one rule at a time and four interactive exercises. This i-Book is a completely unique resource.

It is suitable for Welsh language teachers to use with their classes, or for pupils to use independently at home. Teachers across the curriculum can use the resource to strengthen their language skills before completing specific tasks. Teachers will be pleased to know that there is no marking required with this resource!

The ibook is split into seven chapters, with each chapter focussing on a different aspect of Welsh literacy:

“Y Treiglad trwynol”, “y treiglad meddal”, “fy”, “‘ei’ gwrywaidd”, “‘ei’ benywaidd”, “yr wyddor, llafariaid a chytseiniaid”, and “arddodiad”.

Available for free on iPad, iPhones and Mac