The Web Development department has been creating websites and online systems in education since 1998.

The department has experience of developing management systems for schools / other external authorities / agencies. They also host learning platforms (such as moodle) for schools and education authorities. They also report on Gwynedd / Anglesey teachers’ assessment data for FS / KS2 / KS3 and KS4 and 5 examination data. The department has created a number of original innovative systems including the Self Review Systems used by schools across Wales.

CYNNAL has a strong and professional development team with wide experience in a variety of areas – including:

  • Original artwork
  • Graphic design
  • Interactive website design and development
  • Develop online management systems
  • Create questionnaire / analysis / data analysis
  • Manage and host learning platforms

The department also provides technical and administrative support on the use of the websites / systems developed by the team.

For more information on any service we offer, please contact

☎️ 01286 677686 then 1 followed by 3 or  01286 685410


Here are some examples of the systems and websites we have developed for external clients.