The Web Development department has been producing digital educational resources since 2001 and they’ve seen a lot of changes in education and technology in this period!

The department is an experienced team with years of collaboration with external writers to produce the highest quality resources. The team have experiences and expertise to undertake various projects. The team and managers are experienced in working with external companies and experts to create resources for a number of different local, regional, national and international clients.

CYNNAL has a strong and professional development team with wide experience in a variety of areas – including:

  • Video filming / production (own professional equipment and software)
  • Sound recording / editing (own professional equipment and software)
  • Original artwork
  • Original animations
  • Design and development of static and dynamic interactive websites
  • Creating interactive multiplatform apps and eBooks (e.g. Horizon’s “Electric and You” app)

The department has experience of developing resources for a range of ages – Foundation Phase, KS2, KS3 / 4/5 and Further Education. The work of the department can be found on CYNNAL’s website, iTunes, HWB, WJEC, GwE and Gwynedd and Anglesey Education Authority’s managerial and educational resources website.

For more information on any service we offer please contact adnoddau@cynnal.co.uk

☎️ 01286 677686 followed by 1 and then 3 or 01286 685410


Below are examples of some of the projects we have developed for our clients. There are a variety of resources (Apps, ebooks, HTML5 resources) for a wide range of ages.